SW: 240lbs (108.8kg) on 9/19/2011

Last weigh-in: 239.5lbs (108.6kg) on 9/22/2011

CW: 235.6lbs (106.8kg) as of 10/01/2011

3.9lbs (1.77kg) lost in 10 days.

4.4lbs (1.99kg) lost in 13 days.

Body fat percentage: unknown


Height: Always 6’0”, 72in, 182.9cm
Neck: 15.4in (39cm)
Bust: 44.7in (113.5cm)
Bicep: 14.6in (37cm)
Forearm: 10.5in (26.7cm)
Wrist: 6.7in (17cm)
Waist: 39.8in (101cm)
Hips: 46.7in (118.5cm)
Thighs: 27in (68.5cm)
Calves: 36.8in (93.5cm)
I am considering today the beginning of my measurements because it’s really difficult doing them myself and I didn’t measure in centimeters last time x.x Hopefully by the next weigh-in I’ll have my Accu-Measure and my caliper.

Next weight and measurements will be taken on 11/01/2011 

Disclaimer: I did my conversions with an online calculator, so I hope they’re right x.x I just figured I should put everything in kg and lbs for my followers.